Product Concept


Agnes is a brutalist desk speaker that is inspired by the breathtaking Gallery St. Agnes in Berlin. A former church built after architect Werner Düttmann, it is now home to Johann Königs innovative Art Gallery.

Agnes consists of two pieces: a main speaker with 360 sound, the bell tower, and a detatchable bass box. Audio can be streamed via AirPlay, Bluetooth or via the USB-C connection in the front of the speaker. The port can also be used for charging devices.

The lower knob on the main speaker controls volume, the top knob controls the distribution of the 360 sound. Music can be directed either to the front, the front and the sides or the front, the sides and the back. The knob on the bass box controls the amount of bass.

Agnes was featured on:
Gray Dawdy's Industrial Design Trends 2022
Design Milk
Yanko Design

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